Lattice Products

Fast Time To Market, Flexible Options, Imaginative Technology

Lattice products are built to help you keep innovating. Whether you’re designing high-volume mobile handsets or leading-edge telecom infrastructure, our market leading Programmable Logic Devices and Video Connectivity ASSP products will help you bring your ideas to market faster – ahead of your competition. For more information please scroll further or download our Product Selector Guide.

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Programmable Logic (FPGA, CPLD, and power / thermal management devices)

ECP Family

iCE Family

CrossLink Family

Mach Family

Power, Thermal and Clock Management

Lattice offers its programmable devices in many package options such as BGA, TQFP, and Lead Free, Halogen Free (RoHS Compliant).

If you do not see the part you are looking for please consult our Mature and Discontinued Devices page.

Video Connectivity (HDMI®, superMHL™, MHL® and USB Type-C ASSPs)

HDMI 2.1 eARC Technology

Port Processors

Video Processors

HDMI Transmitters

HDMI Receivers

Port Controllers

MHL Transmitters

MHL / HDMI to HDMI Bridges

Analog HDMI / MHL Converters

iTMDS Transmitters

DVI Receivers

Development Kits & Boards

Development Kits and Boards

Intellectual Property & Reference Designs

Intellectual Property and Reference Designs

Software Tools

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