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Can I access the Platform Manager IN5 and IN6 CPLD inputs from I2C in a PAC-Designer... 2751 Platform Manager faq PAC-Designer LogiBuilder
If I assign an output in the "Wait for AGOOD" sequence step, when does it become active? 2742 Platform Manager faq PAC-Designer LogiBuilder
In TN1176, it says VCCA of unused quad should be powered up. What is the reason to... 1005 LatticeECP3 faq Architecture SERDES/PCS
How can I implement multiple protocols within a PCS quad (Protocol A RX, Protocol B,... 1000 All FPGA faq Architecture SERDES/PCS
diFfereNt ForM@ts aNd SpEcial ChArActer$ 5795 All FPGA faq
We are getting library following errors when trying to build design with ispLEVER... 5766 ispMACH 4A5 faq Implementation Schematic
Why "ERROR: core0 cannot trigger" error appears in Reveal with multiple devices on the... 5764 LatticeECP5 faq Debugging Reveal
Automotive ECP3 17K (ECP3-17) having problem with some GPIOs not working when compiled... 5763 LatticeECP3 faq Implementation Bitstream/JEDEC Generation
How to install successfully the Diamond SP3 under Linux? 5757 All Devices faq Installation Linux
Two questions on HDMI SiI9777 swing level setting:Q1.​pTmdsSwingLevel is defined as... 5704 ASSP-Wired (Silicon Image) faq
Why does pmi_fifo_dc simulation model flag synchronization too long?  It is observed... 5670 MACHXO3 faq Simulation
What are the advantages of choosing CrossLink over MachXO2 or MachXO3 chips for MIPI... 5025 CrossLink faq
What is difference between "Intelligent merge" and "Combine Merge" formats provided in... 4798 All FPGA faq Device Programming Deployment Tool
Help! My Computer hangs (no display) during boot after installing the Silicon Image... 4793 ASSP-Wired (Silicon Image) faq
How to find JTAG ID for Lattice FPGA devices? 4778 LatticeECP5 faq Architecture JTAG
What can cause PAR (Place-and-Route) "error code: 5" in Lattice Diamond ? 4712 All FPGA faq Implementation PAR
Where can I download the ispLEVER Software from ? 4314 All CPLD faq Other
Why am I not able to make Reveal Analyzer to work? Are there any steps to follow..? 3775 MachXO2 faq Debugging Reveal
Why does the Lattice MachXO2 device-LCMXO2-1200HC​-5TG144I still work with about 2 V of... 3593 MachXO2 faq Customer Board Design Board Debug
Can the MachXO2 device support a 12V input signal? If not, what is the solution for it? 3543 MachXO2 faq Architecture IO
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